4 thoughts on “Credit

  1. If you cant pay cash for it then you are broke why would you go into debt and turn control of your Item to someone else. The only debt anyone should ever consider is a home and that would have to fall into a certain range. if you really need to find out the facts about credit the look up Dave Ramsey.com if I hadn’t followed his plan I would have lost everything in 2008. now I own 2 homes first home was on credit now because of D.R I almost have this one paid off 10 years early my second was with cash and Now I only have to pay the extortion fee yearly and looking to buy another with cash I own everything up to what the government can legally steal from you when you cant pay your yearly extortion fee to them. I have experience with credit as I was suckered in like everyone else..


  2. I hope all have your fortune, brother. But, most Americans, including the wealthy live on credit. we don’t own our houses or our cars unless we can pay cash in full, otherwise, it’s credit in one way, shape or form. This country would not have excelled as a nation without credit. We could not have our way of life without CREDIT. This is a simple fundamentally truth, especially in regards to Capitalism. The only problem with American Credit is not oversight, but under-prosecution of the true violators (the CEO, boards, and Major Stock Holders driving the violations). People have died because they lose everything inventing in the market, which goes belly-out every seven years. Wake up America, mighty corporations are slapped on the wrist for stealing billions and ruining peoples lives in this credit scheme. When does our great congress do? They hold committee, dog and pony, shows, and in the end slap a contempt fine on the company who gives the committee a middle finger. This is Republican and Democrat oversight in its prime. It does nothing but look good on paper, or should that be film, since they do it for the show, then when the verdict is announced, most Americans are wondering what just happened? Nothing happened be a slap on the wrist of some billion dollar corporation, such puny fines do not discourage, but rather encourage such violations. That’s right, the Congressional Committee encourages international corporations to plead their case before congress (save time and money on real litigation too). Anyway, back to the credit part and how it relates to Congressional Committees. While Credit can be a two edge sword, it cuts to the bone of all Working Americans. For these same Congressional Committees encourage oversight, but never really go for the true violators, instead they use the entity model of business, based —-here, it comes, on CREDIT. Yes, I knew it. I knew I could get back there (subject CREDIT), after all, politic is about two things: power and money. Why the lack of ‘true’ persecution on these foreign entities? Let’s speculate in a more ‘money’ way? Maybe the committee members are paying it forward, because once they leave these Congressional Committees for future job opportunities, they may not get a job in these foreign entities. Because they know, like us working Americans, the CREDIT GOD RULES.


  3. sorry to say but the millionaires dont borrow money they have so called loans backed up by cash. the use the banking systems for conveniences. if they borrow money without the back up they are broke also and are not millionaires just another debtor, and this country was never built on debt as we are 12 trillion in debt now so and in reality if china with others wanted to call their debt this country would be in a complete mess.we would be in a wars like no other.
    we are borrowing money from our great great grand kids futures tax payments so these politicians and rape us as they see fit. they have stolen from social security which is money taken straight from your pay check under false pretenses, it is one reason SS is going broke ahead of time.
    Debt is your enemy..


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