3 thoughts on “Capitalist Low One

  1. That pic is not capitalism it is a bum who chooses not to work or better himself. There are more jobs today than ever and not enough people trying to fill them.


  2. Ah, but this is all part of American Capitalism. You must have a two edged sword with Capitalism: the haves and the have not. And just because someone is poor does mean he doesn’t work. The question is WHY he doesn’t want to work. At America’s Capitalistic core is Charity. WE ARE A BEGGAR NATION. America bails out the wealthy and throws its poor out in the streets to live off the charity of others. This a mentality as well as an economical system of living. Yes, Capitalism is a way of thinking and most people don’t even know they are thinking that way.


  3. take Bernie Sanders for example as with others like him he is push for America to become Socialist yet he profits from capitalism and wants Government exempt. so he came still profit .so is it capitalism or socialism or greed that pushes people away from capitalism ?


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