2 thoughts on “Impeachment

  1. this is what I am trying to post  I dont think it going to happen . the witnesses have been falling away. so they haven’t voted to impeach yet. the great thing is if they do .and IF they cant beat trump (which they haven’t yet) he will automatically get an extra term. which would really great to have him as president until 2028. that would blow the Dems minds. but then again it would also mean the Dems wont work for the next 10 years. not like they do anyway. if the Dems had put as much effort in working for we the people as they have trying to impeach Trump we would have a great nation. When trump wins and the Dems try another time (which they will) I here by deem that the DNC is a treasonous party and shall be disband. the truth is the Dems are hiding massive corruption in their party and trump is going to bring it to light so grab some popcorn this going to be a long and wild show. .


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