Rules for Engagement:

On this blog, I will provide commentary, videos, photos, transcripts, drawings, etc. on current issues or topics. The issues and topics can range from reviews of children’s literature, to poetic insights, to political commentary which is often supported by facts and new articles (don’t blame me if they get it wrong). All posts are copyrighted once posted (published). Texts and works cited in my blogs can be found on my website. I will not allow others to post offensive unconstructive feedback or comments and will report such abuse. If additional references are needed I will update my website or post another blog with the new pertinent information.

I will strive to be fair and honest, for the most part (I’m a fiction writer, after all). Let it be known that I don’t discriminate, nor do I care about your sex, your religion, your skin color—even your ethical beliefs are not my concern. I believe in free choice for all Americans so long as they don’t trample on my rights. I do not like it when people take ‘things’ out of context. I believe in the Bill of Rights being our forefathers’ greatest achievement for future generations. I too see all Americans as equals until they show otherwise.

These blogs will not be perfect in structure, grammar, or detail, even quoted sources may be incorrect, or incorrectly labeled; furthermore, I’m not always right. Yet, believe it or not, I’m human too. But I will strive to be fair and honest. I will give the facts as I see them and even point out other views.  Also let me say, I’m a fiction writer. So, I could say anything on my blog. Even if I don’t believe it myself, just to see how others will react to it. Please, keep that in mind.

In conclusion, I would like to say: I think outside the boxed universe and welcome others who think along that line. My hope is that these posts will help others understand our world and the issues at hand. I say let’s explore ideas without prejudices burdening our insights. Here we will voice ideas and honest opinions without censorship unless that language is offensive and the person making such remarks can be banned and text removed. In return, I shall endure to limit or curtail my F-wording in these blogs. I look forward to your constructive comments and insights as we explore life together.

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