The Magical Meniscus by GranRan

The Magical Meniscus

by GranRan


Back Cover Blurb of, “The Magical Meniscus” 

In Fairytale Land, there lives a gentle-hearted cyclops known as Cleo who wears bells on his large toes. Headaches plague the one-eyed giant, causing Cleo problems at work, at home, and with his girlfriend, Nellie. The migraines force Cleo to seek help from a powerful wizard. He must battle witches, ogres, and a bog creature. Will perseverance and determination be enough for Cleo to fix his headaches and win true love from Nellie? This tale includes sixteen illustrations.


Below is a Posted Five Star Review.

Excerpt from Review by Pallavi Sareen 06/04/19  

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This book is cuteness overload. I smiled throughout this book, especially looking at wonderful illustrations. I adore children’s book for this reason only that they are light-hearted, designed to be attractive and are short enough to cater to the attention span of a child. The Magical meniscus tells the story of a friendly cyclops Cleo, who reminded me so much of the cyclops in the Percy Jackson series. This book is perfect to be read out loud to kids. It is written in a very easy language, meant to be both entertaining and engaging. The description of Fairytale land and all the other characters especially Cleo’s girlfriend Nellie is very entertaining to read. The book is just 154 pages long and has more than 15 illustrations at the beginning of different chapters.